Our Staff

Jon D. Ponder : Chief Executive Officer

Jon D. Ponder

Chief Executive Officer

Jon D. Ponder is the founder and CEO of HOPE for Prisoners, Incorporated. As CEO, Mr. Ponder is responsible for all aspects of the programs and services, provided by HOPE for Prisoners, including overseeing a comprehensive array of program components designed to assist individuals within the judicial system to successfully reintegrate into mainstream society.

He is responsible for developing and implementing strategic planning for the organization, and he is extremely passionate about the value of mentoring for persons coming out of correctional settings. He routinely collaborates with board members, other community organizations, churches, and federal and state agencies, with a focus on collaborative and synergistic approaches.

Mr. Ponder is himself, an ex-offender with more than ten years experience in providing training for offender populations in correctional settings. His personal life experiences uniquely equip him to provide the guidance, direction and motivation for individuals attempting to navigate the challenges they face during the reintegration process.

In addition to his unwavering commitment to HOPE for Prisoners, Mr. Ponder is the founder and co-chair of the Coalition of Reentry Evangelicals, serves in key leadership roles with the International Church of Las Vegas in Men’s Ministries, and is an ordained chaplain with Chaplaincy Nevada.  He also sits on the Board of Directors of Gen1 Arts and holds a seat on the Executive Committee of a faith- based/law enforcement community partnership called RECAP (Rebuilding Every Community Around Peace).  Jon is married to the love of his life Jamie and they are raising three beautiful girls Jayden, Promise, and Liberty.

Marisa C. : Volunteer Director Of Information Technology

Marisa C.

Volunteer Director Of Information Technology

Marisa was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.  After working as the technical support supervisor for a major international Fortune 500 company for 3 years, she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend CCSN and UNLV to further her education.  While working first as a corporate Technical Support Lead, then an IT Security Engineer for two of the biggest casino owner/operators based in Las Vegas, she earned her Associates of Applied Science in Business Managed Information Systems at the Community College of Southern Nevada and her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.   Marisa has over 15 years of IT experience with 8 of those years at management level.  Today, along side volunteering as the Director of Information Technology at Hope, she is the VP of Technology for a privately owned, international Las Vegas  based manufacturing/distribution company.

Marisa has a dedication and passion for Hope For Prisoners, the vision, and the change they make in peoples lives.

Mickey M. : Volunteer Case Manager

Mickey M.

Volunteer Case Manager

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department : Trainers

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department


“The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has a cooperative relationship with Hope for Prisoners, with volunteer officers mentoring ex-offenders and assisting them on their paths to reintegration.  With a combined total of over 150 years in law enforcement, this group has undertaken a partnership with the ministry that is the first of its kind in the United States.  Each mentor officer brings unique dimensions to the effort, with backgrounds ranging from military service to social outreach to professional sports;  they in turn share the lessons learned from those experiences with the people they work with in the HOPE ministry, achieving a goal of mutual enrichment and the success of those participating in the program.”


(Photo, left to right:  Officer Chad Baker, Officer Cindy Williams, Officer Aden “AG” Ocampo-Gomez, Officer M. Drew, Lt. Chris Petko, Officer Michelle Williams, Officer Arnold “AP” Parker…Not pictured:  Officer Robert “Thack” Thacker, Detective Bernard “BJ” Plasket)