Personal testimony of Jon Ponder / Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Video | 8 comments


  1. Greetings from Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA!
    I’ve been so inspired from watching your testimony 3 times today!! My 24 year son is in federal prison here in Manitoba. He was once on fire for God, has a pastoral call on his life. Was taken over by addiction to drugs and video games. He still does not want to hear about God so I just walk in love towards him. Seeing your testimony and how God has worked through your life has inspired me concerning my son. God is moving mightily through your organization in the lives of the men and women coming onto your program and to have the police on your side?? WOW!!
    God bless you and your on this Resurrection Sunday!!

    Robin Mayer and Family

  2. Hi Jon….you may remember me from the ICLV choir and their Christmas and Easter productions. i played Mary, mother of Jesus. Watched your testimony and wept. Wish you had a chapter in Los Angeles and I could be part of it to maybe turn my son in law around. Three years ago he had everything, now drugs have taken my grandkids from him, the good job he had hear as an A/C and heating tech, his house, cars, even his tools. He is now a convicted felon and is in great denial about his responsibilities for his issues and actions. I pray for this kid, have tried to help him and nothing anyone does works.
    I was there once through some bad issues with a really bad marriage. Years of intense abuse finally made me react in a negative way but it only took that one time and 17 days.

    I love your testimony. Proof that if you change your attitude God can change your latitude. I am hoping to move back home so pray for me and my family and my son in law, Mike. So glad to see the great plans God had for your life come into view.

    Much love and blessing….say hi to your son for me….


  3. Hey Jon
    You probably don’t remember me but I met you through my daughter Renee and Tank
    Anyhow I am so happy you turned your life around and your story gives me hope for a friend whom just got a suspended 8 year sentence to inpatient rehab at the Salvation Army Praise The Lord
    He had been out of prison a year and tried to get in your program and west care but he ended up homeless on the streets and drugs got him
    But praise The Lord that he has this last chance and Is ready to live and serve God
    God bless you for all that you do
    I also have a nephew that just got out yesterday after 18 years
    And we hope to get him on your program
    God bless

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  5. I love your testimony! I have a son who has been incarcerated in CCDC for the last year and a half. He has been sentenced and will be going to prison this next week. He gave his life to Christ about a year ago. He had done the same as you, raised in a christian home, turned to drugs and made some bad decisions. I pray you will connect with him while he is in prison. I am praying daily he will keep his faith while there. I will now be praying for Hope for Prisoners daily as well! Keep up the good works for the Lord.

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  7. Mr. Ponder, your video is most moving and inspirational, is it possible to obtain a written version so I may mail it to my stepson who is at SDCC and maybe released this December?

    Thank you very much. We need all the help we can get.

  8. I love your story I need help to make that change.

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