HOPE for Prisoners partnership with law enforcement

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Video | 1 comment

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  1. My son Matthew Medina who has lived in Las Vegas nevada since getting out of prison 6 yeats ago, will be starting your program Hope for Prsoners . He will be going to orientation on April 29. I came out to see him for a month and while I was there through Catholics Services I was told about your program. He signed up for the program and for the first time in years I saw a glimmer of Hope in his eyes. I have never Prayed as much for Matthew to keep his Faith in God because all things truly are possible in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit! I have explained that God is always listening but but it is He’s plan in His time . So be patient!!!!!! When it came time for me to come home to Ohio, I felt a reassurance that Matthew was in good hands with God and the Hope of your program. Thank You and all the people who have dedicated their lives to the people who only need for someone to believe in them again!!!!!! God Bless all of You! Jeannie and Chris ( a mom and dad who refuse to give up)

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