Welcome to Hope for Prisoners

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Welcome to Hope for Prisoners

Welcome to H.O.P.E. for Prisoners, Incorporated. We are a non-profit, community –based agency proving reentry services for men and women and young adults who are existing various arenas of our judicial system.   Using only “best practice” program components, our organization provides comprehensive solutions to the many challenges that are faced during the reintegration process.  Whether you or someone you know is coming from state or federal prison, city or county jail, or various drug rehabilitation facilities across Southern Nevada, HOPE for Prisoners stands committed to providing evidence-based tools/techniques for successful reentry and reintegration through access to a wide range of motivational, education, and employment opportunities.  Our organizational goals are to provide comprehensive solutions to the challenges that the ex-offenders will face as they prepare to walk into the brand newness of life.

We are confident that our program can afford individuals coming out of a correctional setting the opportunity to transform their lives from being wards of the state to upstanding, tax-paying leaders in our community.

We look forward to walking with you through this process, training you up, and releasing you into your destiny.


Jon D. Ponder

Founder and C.E.O.



  1. I have recently just been released from state prison nd i wrote yu guys a while back while i was incarcerated i hoping to find assistance with employment please contact me by phone(702)7620173 thankyu nd Godbless…

  2. Hello. My son is getting out of prison soon and will benefit from any help you can offer so that he can turn his life around. Thank you

  3. i’ve recently been release from jail, and i am really struggling to find decent employment. i have a lot of skills a health card and a guard card and yet i still am having trouble finding a job i can live off of. i could really use some help, 702 758 2173 is my home phone number i’d really appreciate a phone call.

  4. I just moved here to be bye my sick mom. I went to prison in 2008 and finding work and people who want to hire me is not going good i need help please.435-830-6937

  5. my son is currently in prison in KINGMAN,AZ he will be released in OCT,2014. you help inmates out of state? thank you.

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